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Saving on web hosting has never been easier, especially when you consider all the discounts available in one place – at Coupons Nexus. If you’re going to venture out onto the Internet minefield to look for them, you’re going to need a friend to tell you where to step, or at least tell your family what happened if things go wrong. That’s where we come in. Don’t sweat it. There are fantastic deals on web hosting out there if you know how to look. Before we get into our list of how to get the best deals on hosting, we have provded a list of your top 10 web hosting providers and the accompanying web hosting coupons. We rated each provider based on the value they provide in terms of price paid versus features provided.

Best Web Hosting Providers:

Below you will also find a top 10 list to ensure you are getting best deals on hosting:

RankWeb Host ProviderPriceCoupons
1Godaddy Hosting CouponsStarting At $1.99View All Godaddy Hosting Coupons
2Hostgator CouponsStarting At $0.01View All HostGator Coupons
3Yahoo Web Hosting CouponsStarting At $3.75View All Yahoo Web Hosting Coupons
4Bluehost CouponsStarting At $4.95View All Bluehost Coupons
5Fatcow Coupon CodesStarting At $3.75View All Fatcow Coupon Codes
61and1 Promo CodesStarting At $0.99View All 1&1 Promo Codes
7Ipage Hosting CouponsStarting At $1.99View All iPage Hosting Coupons
8Interserver Coupon CodesStarting At $3.96View All InterServer Coupons
9Justhost Coupon CodesStarting At $3.5View All Justhost Coupon Codes
10Myhosting Promo CodesStarting At $4.95View All Myhosting Promo Codes

1. Know What You’re Going To Need

Oh, you’re certain that you’re going to start the next Amazon, and you need web hosting. That calls for the most web hosting capacity your gold card can afford, right? Of course you’re just selling ceramic pigs that your mother makes in the basement, but at least you’re thinking big right away, right? Wrong. Don’t make the mistake of signing up for a web hosting package so big that the server farm has to call the hydroelectric plant for permission before they turn it on. It’s very unlikely you’re going to be an overnight sensation on the Internet, so try to keep some perspective. You probably won’t need much web hosting capacity at first. I must admit, though, the pigs are awful nice.

2. Think Twice Before Signing Up For Endless Billing Terms

We’re all interested in getting the best deals on web hosting. But now we have to do a 180 and tell you to be very careful about signing up for the best deal out there, because that best deal probably involves signing up for 144 months of hosting. We’d hope you’re still in business in 144 months, we really do. But if we had to bet, 144 weeks might be closer. Starting businesses takes cold hard cash. Save some of yours in the short term and sign up for month to month, or maybe a year at a time. Some hosting promo codes that we provide can help you knock down the bill even when you sign up for a short term plan.

3. Try The Online Chat Service First

Look, once or twice a year you’re going to need chat service at 4:00 AM when you’re trying to get your WordPress site to work again after you uploaded that sketchy weather widget and your site went kablooie. Getting the best deals on web hosting is worthless if you can’t talk to anyone when you need to. Before you buy, why not try to chat with someone at the company you’re considering. You probably can’t talk to technical people without login credentials, but just open up a chat window and ask for a sales weasel, and they’ll put you through to anyone you want.

4. The Word “Unlimited” Never Means That

Are you really going to read the fine print on the agreement you’re signing with that great web host? We doubt it. No human person does. You’re human. We can sense it. In among all those lawyerly weasel words you’re sure to find a bunch of ifs, ands, and buts that state that the UNLIMITED BANDWITH, or the UNLIMITED STORAGE doesn’t really mean unlimited. There’s no free lunch in this world. Just get enough space and bandwith for your needs in the immediate future and save a few bucks.

5. Don’t Let Your Hosting Company Make You Look Bad On The Internet

Don’t take the absolute lowest bidder for your web hosting. They might make you look like a fool. Maybe their webmail servers aren’t secure, so everyone that signed up for your email marketing starts thinking that a Nigerian Prince lives at your house because he’s sending them email with your URL at the end of it. Little things like that can kill a business. Stick with reputable firms.

6. The Pennies Add Up. The Pennies Will Kill You

Read the terms on the sales page for web hosting four or five times. There’s always a lot of wiggle room for companies to add on all sorts of extraneous items once they’ve got you on the hook. Find the best price for the service you need, and then skip the upsells. You really don’t need the undercoat on your web page. And even if you do, be sure to use one of our web hosting coupons to save a bunch on those additional goodies.

Web Hosting Coupons

7. Best Deals On Hosting Lists Aren’t Very Good. Check Out Message Boards

If you search for How To Get The Best Deals On Web Hosting, you’re going to end up, well, here, we hope. But after you read this again, we hope you’ll notice that there are a LOT of people listing the greatest deals in the universe on web hosting. They just happen to get paid a great deal of money by the hosting company to say that, but that’s a coincidence, isn’t it? The Internet wouldn’t lie to me, would it? You have to take web hosting reviews with a grain (or a pound) of salt, because the game might be fixed. You’re going to have to crowdsource. Crowdsourcing is like asking everyone at the bus stop if these pants make my butt look big. You’ll get a lot of answers. A lot of loopy answers, maybe, but it’s less likely that someone’s getting paid. By the way, we made up the question about the pants at the bus stop :).

8. Message boards Aren’t Very Good Either

Well, we know we just sent you there, but we have to tell you the truth. The average person is a dolt. And since half of the population is below average, Internet message boards can be well below average. That’s OK. For the most part, people are telling the truth as they see it. Ignore anyone whose review sounds canned, because that’s the web hosting review guy posting under another name. You can usually ignore people who are wildly angry about a web hosting experience, too. It generally means they were at least half of the problem. Listen to what regular folks say about the service they receive from web hosts you’re interested in, and draw your conclusions. Before making a final decision on your purchase, be sure to checkout our web hosting coupons to make sure you are saving the most money possible.

10. Is This Thing On?

There’s death, and then there’s a 404 error message death. Your server was down and the readers or customers saw an error message, and they left. It’s very, very hard to get people to look at your site, so try not to ever let them think you’re not there anymore. Look for reports on server downtime at prospective web hosting companies and if it’s not 100%, or darn close to it, give them a pass.

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